AGES: 2- 5 years old

« My friend, wait for me. I am coming. And we will be off. »

They are three. They do not know one another. All three received an invitation from Ogo. All three do not know Ogo. Together, they will wait

for Ogo… who does not show.

OGO is an invitation to « travel » where friendship, fun and imagination fill time.

OGO celebrates the creativity and the imagination of the young spectator. Inspired by

larvar masks and the Simon in the land of chalk drawing (where drawings opened up a parallel

universe), the lead characters uncover a world where they are able to meet and connect.

Accompanied by live music on the harmonica, melodica, kalimboa and xylophone, the

sounds complete the journey.

« He has to different eyes, one blue and one green. »

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