AGES: 10 and up

GRADES: 4 and up

Set sail for a whale of a tale with young sailor Ishmael, first mate Starbuck, and Captain Ahab as they voyage across the seven seas in search of the legendary white whale Moby Dick! Herman Melville’s epic saga makes a splash to North America once again in this inventive production from Germany’s award-winning Theater Triebwerk.

Three gifted actors use their bodies, ever-switching hats, and a variety of musical instruments to create excitement and suspense. See how a double bass and cello personify everything from the creaking of the oars to the moaning of the hull, to the elusive whale himself! Brimming over with music, wit, and imagination, Moby Dick has been hailed by the New York Times as “a luminous and engrossing” theatrical event.

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