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Pigeon Party! starring Mo Willems' Pigeon

Pigeon Party! starring Mo Willems' Pigeon

Big Wooden Horse Theatre Co.

BIG WOODEN HORSE theatre company aims to present high quality theatre to younger audiences across the United Kingdom and to represent the best of British theatre craft abroad. We believe that young people deserve the highest quality of writing, performance and production that you would expect all professional theatre companies. The company's productions will always strive to both entertain and inform young people, drawing from different cultures and traditions to present entertaining and educational work.

Pigeon Party - Show Description
Mo Willem's Pigeon is back and ready to party! Squeezing all the fun of the first three Pigeon books into one raucous production, this lively show for children 3 and up is full of fun, feathers, laughter and excitement and features original music and lots of audience participation. Can you stop Pigeon driving the bus? Will he share the hotdog? And after all that it's time for bed, the Bus Driver wants Pigeon to go to bed, all his friends want him to go to bed, but the question is will you let him stay up late??

For all our past Pigeon presenters we put over to you the first to select dates for 2009 & 2010 Touring Season.

Fall 2009 we will be in New York, NJ and PA as well as Ontario

Spring 2009 we will be in Midwest and the South

Ages: 4 - 7
Grades: pre-K - 3
Curriculum: language arts, theatre, interpersonal skills, character education.

Adapted from the books DON'T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS!, PIGEON FINDS A HOT DOG! and DON'T LET THE PIGEON STAY UP LATE! text and illustrations copyright © 2003, 2004 and 2006 by Mo Willems. All rights reserved. Use with permission of Sheldon Fogelman Agency, Inc.

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